One of the New Year’s resolutions this year was to write one Word Document page of content every week.

As much as I’d love to have a million followers, this is more of an attempt to get better at writing in general. I am a standup comic with my hands in a few philanthropic ventures. This blog will serve as a medium to get some random thoughts out, and write a little more.

So welcome to your one stop shop for:

  • Vague, just okay advice
  • Half thought out ideas that are on my mind
  • Short stories
  • Opinions that are based on just some of the facts
  • Interviews?

I have never blogged before, but as a straight white male, I have a very unique perspective that people are clamoring to read about. I hope you all enjoy these notes to myself.

twitter: @andstephenblike

Instagram: @soupnastyballa